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Post Anchors: Concrete vs Fast 2K Deck Post Anchor

Price Comparison

Concrete costs as little as $5.00 per bag, and this can be an attractive option for someone on a small or fixed budget. Fast 2K is more costly than concrete, a little over $17.00 per bag. We can use either one; keep reading for valid reasons you may choose to spend a little extra. Keep in mind, only the posts will be anchored, so you won't need a whole lot for a moderately length fence.


History and Testing

Concrete has been used in countless jobs over countless years, it has a history that proves both longer-term strength as well as reliability. Fast 2K is a fairly new product, so it doesn't have the proven history that concrete has yet. However, we did a ton of research and all the testing shows that it's as good, if not better than concrete.

We even did our own testing to see for ourselves, and it's incredibly strong. Honestly, we were shocked and very pleased with the results.


Concrete is widely criticized for its environmental impact, both in terms of production of the components and contamination of the soil when used. Fast2K is much more environmentally friendly than both petroleum-based products and concrete. It doesn't damage endocrine and hormone systems or contaminate the surrounding soil. It doesn't break down and risk polluting groundwater, either.


The time it takes for concrete to properly cure takes up to 24 hours, causing the job time to be increased by multiple days. Fast 2K takes as little as 30 minutes to cure, which means that we can get working on rails and pickets on the same day that we set posts. This can cut job times down by as much as half; some jobs can be completed the same day that we tear down and haul off the old fence.

If you have dogs or other animals, even small children, this may be reason enough to opt for Fast 2K. For some, getting the fence installed quickly is a priority!

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