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Pine vs Cedar

Pine is much more affordable than cedar. It's readily available from suppliers. Cedar, on the other hand, is a rare type of wood. Because of this supply issue, cedar is more expensive, so pine is usually what homeowners prefer.

Pine Fence Pickets

Pine wood isn’t perfect, and it has its downsides as well. It has a shorter lifespan and is less durable compared to cedar wood. It requires chemical treatment before installation, making it less environmentally friendly.

Cedar Fence Pickets

Cedar wood is easily recognizable with its distinct reddish hue and unique grain pattern on the surface. Its white accents also create a warm and attractive look on any fence. In addition, it looks more natural than pine, making it eye-catching. Pine doesn’t look as natural as cedar, meaning you must paint it to improve its aesthetics, but that's a matter of personal preference.

Cedar, like pine, is a type of softwood with plenty of applications. However, cedar wood is more resistant and durable. Its natural oils protect it from insects and other potential causes of decay.

Cedar is more durable overall compared to pine wood. This wood doesn’t require

any special treatment before use and doesn’t shrink or warp when exposed to the elements. However, cedar that gets wet more often tends to expand. Cedar is a type of dry wood better suited for

sunny neighborhoods. Pressure-treated pine fences are a better option if you live in humid areas with regular rainfall.

Cedar fences require less maintenance compared to those made with pine. This is because it doesn’t need to be pressure treated before it can be used to build a fence. (However, cedar does still require routine maintenance, so it will last longer.)

Pine is more resistant to rot when exposed or gets contact with soil. Because of this, sometimes homeowners use pine for the fence posts instead of cedar, even if they use cedar pickets.

Cedar weighs less and is lighter than pine. This means it's easier to cut, shape, and form. As a result, it's easier to carry around and easier to install. In this case, if you're having us do the work, this is inconsequential.

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